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Penicillamine Tablets - December 2021

250 mg tablets vs 125 mg tablets

December 2021 - Update on the Accessibility of Penicillamine Tablets in the UK

It has been brought to our attention that Wilson's disease patients in the UK are currently facing problems accessing their 250 mg strength penicillamine tablets.  The manufacturers are hoping that normal supplies will be restored at the beginning of February.  Meanwhile, it is understood that the 125 mg strength is still available and patients might like to ask their prescribing doctors to review their prescriptions to request 125 mg tablets instead of 250 mg tablets, if they are having problems.
Dominic D'Alicandro from the Sheffield NHS Foundation Trust has very kindly looked  into this on our behalf.  He reports that on 7 December 2021 the following stocks of tablets are still available from the following distributors of pharmaceutical and healthcare products:
Alliance has 125mg tablets
AAH has 250mg tablets
Phoenix has 125mg tablets