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Vivet Therapeutics – September 2023
Gene Therapy for Wilson Disease clinical trial – now recruiting 

Vivet Therapeutics is a French-based company seeking to improve the treatment of Wilson's disease through the potential of gene therapy to target the cause of disease. 

This investigational gene therapy aims to be a one-time treatment that delivers a working ATP7B gene into cells to produce working transporter proteins - ATP7B is the gene that doesn't work in people with this disease. The goal is to restore proper liver function and remove excess copper. By clearing copper from the bloodstream the toxic effect on other organs, like the brain, should be reduced.

The clinical study is currently recruiting, and if you would like to learn more, please contact Dr Aftab Ala: aftabala@nhs.net. This clinical study is sponsored by Vivet Therapeutics info@vivet-therapeutics.com