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Medical Articles

The late, Dr Alan Stevens, retired consultant pathologist and medical author, very kindly wrote a series of medical articles for our newsletters explaining to patients in simple terms the possible effects of Wilson's disease on the body.

These articles are a good introductory educational resource and are divided as follows:

  • The liver
    • What are LFTs? (Liver Function Tests)
    • The Normal Liver
    • Cirrhosis of the Liver
    • Oesophageal Varices
  • The Brain in Wilson's disease
  • Complications in treatment of Wilson's disease
    • Elastosis Perforans Serpiginosa (EPS)


  • The Eyes in Wilson's disease - 2015 - Dr Susan Mollan

The Genetics of Wilson's disease

  • Genetic Mutations in Wilson's Disease - 2015 - Dr Mary Fortune
  • Genetics of Wilson's Disease – 2013 - Professor Oliver Bandmann
  • Wilson's disease is a genetic condition - 2013 - Dr Richard Sandford

How is WD diagnosed in the laboratory?

  • Laboratory Tests in the Diagnosis and Monitoring of Wilson's disease - 2019 - Dr Chris Harrington


02. The Normal Liver - What does it do? - A Simplified Guide

A.Stevens (2014)

Download PDF

03. Cirrhosis - A Simplified Outline

Dr A Stevens (2015)

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04. Oesophageal Varices - A Simplified Guide

Dr A.Stevens (2013)

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05. The brain in Wilson's disease - A Basic Account

Dr A Stevens (2018)

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06. Elastosis Perforans Serpiginosa

Dr A. Stevens (2017)

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07. Wilson's disease seen in the eyes

Dr Susan Mollan (2015)

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08. Genetic Mutations in Wilson’s Disease

Dr Mary Fortune (2015)

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09. Genetics of Wilson's Disease

Professor Oliver Bandmann (2013)

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10. Wilson's disease is a genetic condition

Dr Richard Sandford (2013)

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11. Laboratory Tests in the Diagnosis and Monitoring of Wilson's disease

Dr Chris Harrington (2019)

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